Friends And Supporters

The following individuals and organisations have been invaluable in their love, care, encouragement and support to this project. Without their solid belief in the importance of the message of ‘Love Me As I Am’, this project would not have been as worthwhile and rewarding to work on as it is.

On a personal level…

  • Amito Haarhuis, Michael Laniyan, Bettina Duske, Jo Lawrence and David Omari for their belief in Ade, and their consistent support.

  • Susan for being Darren’s weekly set of ears, Moira for reminding him of who he is, Joyce for giving him spirit and determination, the School of Social Entrepreneurs for inspiring him and Andrew for providing him with a place to retreat to.

  • Heidi Hutchence and Monalee Otto-Stadelman for always being a constant in Francois’ life, Sinead Hurley for her personal support and valuable advice, Nicolette Pool for simply saying ‘Yes you can!’ and waiting for him at the finishing line, and Jacqui Scott-Burgen for being a dear friend and surrogate mother.

Special thanks go to Linda Hardingham for her creative eye — especially in terms of the cover design, Ian Patrick for his editorial support, Carolyne Roberts for the care and time she took to proofread the manuscript and John Holt for kindly covering the cost of her services.

Much as this is a small acknowledgement, it is a heartfelt one. All of you have left us humbled and as the list of our friends and supporters keep growing, we will keep adding names to this page.

Yours sincerely,

Ade Adeniji, Darren Brady & Francois Lubbe

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