Story of the Cover: First Attempt

From the onset, we scratched or heads to find a catchy, strong title… and there were many. In the end, we went with ‘Love Me As I Am – Gay men writing to their 16-year-old selves’.

However, we soon realised as the book slowly unfolded itself, things would change… As soon as the beautiful and thought-provoking life-stories of the contributors started to come in, we knew we were dealing with much more than just letters…

In fact, the tales shared in ‘Love Me As I Am’, capture the fascinating, colourful and often painful journeys, which shape the lives of so many gay men.

Next step was the cover design… much as it is good to try to live by the old adage ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, ironically when it comes to publishing a book, this can be difficult to put into practice.

Anyway, with our first attempt, we drew the conclusion that the design was a bit too self-helpy… perhaps a flash too pink?

It will change… after all, the process so far has proven to be one of evolution.

Very excited to see what’s going to unfold next…

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