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The contributors of ‘Love Me As I Am – Gay men reflect on their lives’ share with the reader their journeys back to childhood, showing how they reconnect with their passions and dreams, and ultimately confront the pain from their pasts. Their journey of self-exploration helps them and the reader understand what impact those feelings of being out of place and ‘unacceptable’ can have. Most profoundly, ‘Love Me As I Am’ poignantly illustrates that it is possible to survive a difficult childhood, make peace with our yesterdays and look to the future with renewed insight and rigour.

Ultimately, the message is on of hope and that life gets better. However, within this message ‘Love Me As I Am’ calls for acceptance and understanding from our parents, teachers, friends, families and peers.

Since Stonewall and the AIDS pandemic the gay community has moved forward in leaps and bounds. Things are changing for gay children and the gay community around the world. People are slowly but surely becoming more tolerant and open-minded, and support for troubled gay people are much easier to find. Our role models are more wholesome and most importantly, young gay people can tap into the lessons and victories of a rich and colourful GAY HISTORY. A history that certainly will inspire future generations to become the best and most fabulous gay men they possibly can be, instead of engaging in destructive behaviour as a result of the deep-rooted shame they cannot change.

‘Love Me As I Am – Gay men reflect on their lives’ is not just aimed at gay teenagers. In fact, it’s an eye opening and empowering journey that people – from all walks of life – will be able to relate to, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Much love,

Francois Lubbe
Editor and Curator
Love Me As I Am

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