QBoy (born Marcos Jose Brito on 10 October 1978) is a UK-based rapper, producer, DJ, writer and presenter. One of the original few out rappers in hip-hop who became pioneers of the new sub-genre colloquially known as “homo hop”.In July 2009, QBoy released his first album Moxie.

The album’s lead single and music video to “Coming Out 2 Play” reached #6 in the US LOGO Click Chart and was nominated as one of the best new videos of 2010 by LOGO. In February 2010, he released the singles “Keep Keepin’ On” and “Yellow Flower”. In March 2010, he released the fourth single “Bounce Rave”.

What Qboy says about Love Me As I Am:

“This book helps to heal our younger selves so that our future selves are in a better place. Invaluable, insightful, and when shared like this, it stops us from feeling alone. Proof that time can heal, things do change.”

QBoy – recording artist & presenter of Channel 4’s ‘Coming Out To Class’

Alex Marwood author and novelist
Alex Marwood is the pseudonym under which Serena Mackesy, a successful London-based journalist, authored the bestselling novel The Wicked Girls. Serena has always been an avid supporter of the gay community and is a strong voice for the Gay Rights Movement.

Alex’s thoughts on Love Me As I Am:

“An important project, not only for the moving tales of youthful struggle that many will recognise, and the wonderful wisdom displayed by the adult tellers, but because it will – we can only hope – one day form part of the historical documentation of a time and a set of attitudes that have passed.”

Alex Marwood novelist and author of The Wicked Girls

Rebecca Chance author of Divas, Bad Girls and Bad Sisters
Author and novelist Rebecca Chance was recently quoted by Beige Magazine, saying: “I never consciously thought about putting gay characters in my books – it was just so instinctive. I really can’t imagine living without gay friends. I feel safe with gay men and lesbians. We share a no holds barred sense of humour and that makes me feel safe; it feels like home and that’s all any of us want really.”

Rebecca’s thoughts on Love Me As I Am:

Profoundly moving, sympathetic and heartbreaking, this book is a shining light at the end of the tunnel for gay teens struggling to come to terms with who they are: there is hope, there are soft places to fall, there can even be a happy ending.”

Rebecca Chance — author of Divas, Bad Girls and Bad Sisters

Mark McCormack, Ph.D., author of The Declining Significance of Homophobia."
Mark McCormack, Ph.D., is a sociologist interested in understanding the effects of decreasing homophobia in Western cultures. Empirically documenting the erosion of homophobia in educational and sporting settings, as well as in the wider culture, his research explores how this has resulted in an expansion of gendered behaviours for male youth and documents the improvement in life experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered youth.

What Mark says about Love Me As I Am:

“The positive experiences of gay men’s lives documented in this book, alongside the continued narratives of marginalisation and hurt, are a potent reminder of both the achievements won for equality as well as the distance left to travel.”

Mark McCormack, Ph.D., author of The Declining Significance of Homophobia.

Suran Dickson - CEO Diversity Role Models
Suran Dickson founded Diversity Role Models in 2011 after teaching in New Zealand and the United Kingdom for 12 years. In both countries there have been legislative changes to protect LGBT people against discrimination and encourage greater acceptance within society. However, homophobic bullying in schools is still a widespread problem. Not just for LGBT young people, but for any student who is slightly different.

After witnessing this herself within schools and hearing of numerous suicides due to homophobic bullying, she was prompted to set up Diversity Role Models to change the way young people are educated about diversity.All profits gained through the sales of Love Me As I Am will be donated by The Quest to Diversity Role Models.

Suran’s thoughts on Love Me As I Am:

“I can see no better fit for Diversity Role Models than a project like Love Me As I Am which touchingly and at times painstakingly connects grown men with their boy-selves, asking them to go easy on themselves and letting them know that life will get better. This book corresponds exquisitely with our work. Diversity Role Models connects with young people; helps them to understand that people are different, asks them to be gentle with each other and to remember, above all, that love is love and need not provoke anger or bullying in anyone.”

Suran Dickson – CEO Diversity Role Models – charity number: 1142548

Dr. Joe Kort is a Relationship Coach, Sex Coach, Sex Therapist and Social Worker. Dr. Kort’s therapy services are for gays, bisexuals and lesbians as well as heterosexuals. He specialises in IMAGO Relationship Therapy, sexual addiction, responsible non-monogamy/monogamy, childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse, sex therapy, gay affirmative therapy, mixed-orientation marriages, EMDR, depression and anxiety.

What Dr. Joe Kort says about Love Me As I Am:

“Speak to any gay man about his childhood and he will tell you a story of joy and discovery — like any other child. But read between the lines and you will find a testament of pain and the struggle to find a place in the world. This needn’t be the case…

The message of Love Me As I Am will hopefully be heard by every parent, teacher, lover and employer to help them realise how homophobia, even in its slightest suggestion, can impact the lives of those at the receiving end of it.”

Dr. Joe Kort,(ACSW,LMSW,MA,MSW,PhD) — author of 10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do to Improve Their Lives

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